AANKC has produced and continues to provide programs to benefit the community. Below is a list of a few of the activities:

Art & Humanities

The participant will experience how the arts and the humanities play a fundamental role in developing the mind. The experience gives them the versatility that is needed to succeed in an ever more complex and volatile global environment.

Etiquette & Social Graces

Etiquette and social graces are introduced to the students as factors that directly impact their success. It helps reduce awkwardness and social anxiety. Good manners also show a level of polish that will help you win the confidence of your colleagues.

Health & Wellness

We incorporate a health awareness component with each event by briefly discussing the importance of staying healthy in mind and body.  We partner with health groups that promote family well-being. During youth programs the participants are encouraged to see their doctor or health provider for regular check-ups.


Over the years, AANKC has completed documentaries and video media on Kern County history and the impact of minorities within the county. It is our hope that these programs and our new Buffalo Soldier Project will continue to teach diversity and cultural history.

It has been our pleasure to have held receptions for the following indivduals:

  • Harry Belafonte - Entertainer
  • Rosa Parks - Civil Rights Activist
  • Starr Parker - Author
  • Patricia Haley Brown - Author
  • Dr. Horace Mitchell CSUB President

Rosa Parks            Harry Belafonte arrives at Adobe Krow Archives

               Buffalo Soldiers participate in Allensworth Rededication 2017