Kern County 1800 - Present

1880 Fanny Price Reese was the first Black woman to come to Kern County, she built  her home at 1802 Forrest Street.

1867 Kern River Island School District, now known as the Bakersfield City School District was established.

1883 Jerome “Romeo” Reese the son of Fanny Price Reese opened a restaurant at 1804  Chester Avenue named the “Early Breakfast”.

1884 2130 Blacks arrived to plant  300,000 acres of cotton for Haggin Carr  Engineering Company. One of the earliest pioneers to arrive was William Henry Pinckney.

1895 The Afro-American Clipper Newspaper was formed.

1897 Pearl Lowery Winters, wife of E.W. Winters sang for President William   McKinley's inauguration. E.W. Winters operated a furniture store located at 1812 “K” Street,  the store was one of the largest in the San Joaquin Valley at that time.

1904 Henry Simpson - first African-American to graduate from Kern Union High School.

1907 World Heavyweight Champion Jack Johnson lived in Bakersfield and worked  or the City.

1913 Mr. Winters and Mr. Pinckney formed the Kern County Political Committee.

1916 Clarence Boswell was the first deputy sheriff. William H. Pinckney was the  first Black to work for the City, his home can be seen at the Kern County  Museum.

1948 Eddie Carter formed the Lakeview Business Men Association.

1953 Reverend Henry Collins was the first African-American to be elected Councilman in Kern County. The population of Blacks at that time was 8,218.

1979 Harold Matlock is the only black law enforcement officer to receive the Kern County Bar Association's Bench & Bar Award.

1987 Johnnie Mae Parker published "How Long, Not Long - The Battle to End  Poverty.”

1990 The African American Network of Kern County was formed.

1994 Irma Carson becomes first African American woman elected to City Council.

1995 Black gallery Adobe Krow Archives for Vivian E. Browne opens

1996 Harry Belafonte and Rosa Parks visit Bakersfield and Adobe Krow Archives.

2008 William Bill Perry is elected to the Kern High School District Board of Trustees

2009 Retired Principal Fred L. Haynes publishes book “African American Women Trailblazers.”

2010 Keith Wolaridge elected to Panama Buena Vista School Board.

2011 Retired veteran and entrepreneur Matthew Cruise publishes “Blood Bath.”

2012 Isaiah Crompton, Inventor of Caught Up The Intervention Game

2013 Big Chair Chess Club founder Eugene Brown visits Bakersfield.

2014 Michael Bowers, Deputy District Director for Senator Andy Vidak

2015 Chef Ray Ingram, Cobbler King Pastries.

2016 Lyle Martin, The Second African American Chief of Police.

2017 Gloria Cannon, The first African American  female Kern County Superior Court Judge.